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July 17, 2013 Mark this day on your calendar. If you have a fledgling crafty business or if you have a hobby you love and have seriously considered taking it to the next level and launching your very own crafty business… …this day could be memorable…monumental…a turning point even. Eleanor C. Whitney, author, educator and… Read more »

Meet the Crowes!

If you are a part of the indie art scene or the handmade movement here in Tulsa you have undoubtedly heard the names Thom and Christine Crowe (or at the very least Indie Emporium, Made, or make:Tulsa with which they are inextricably linked). Thom and Christine are one of Tulsa’s dynamic creative couples and certainly… Read more »

make:Tulsa Giveaway!


We have been diligently working on updating our make:Tulsa website. To celebrate how much we love our new look we are having a giveaway! Several fun goodies are ready and waiting for you to win them plus a $20 credit for made:the indie emporium shop. Simply enter the giveaway here  and while you’re at it take… Read more »

Craft Show Display Ideas

What’s it take to make a grand craft show display? Creativity and style. Here are some fun ideas for displaying your handmade wares at a craft show: Use household furniture to display rather than plain pop up tables. Keeps your booth inviting and cozy. Don’t forget to bring a big bright sign with your business… Read more »

A DIY Fall

Are you feeling crafty this fall? All the hot drinks, spicy smells, crisp air and fall fashion should be getting you into the cozy fall mood by now. Today I wanted to share a short and sweet post full of DIY fall ideas. Everything from painting pumpkins, pumpkin pie milkshakes, fall inspired hair clips and… Read more »

5 Valentine’s Day Card DIYS

The best part of Valentine’s Day is cards—and the more the handmade they look, the better. Here are a few valentine DIYS that are both easy to make, environmentally friendly (since most of them upcycle items lying around your house), and most importantly—for those of you who forget about Valentine’s Day or wait till the… Read more »

Indie Emporium is Pop Up Shopping 2011

Spreading the holiday cheer is going to be a little easier this year when Indie Emporium and other local businesses take to the storefronts of downtown Tulsa. The area between 5th and 6th street on Boston Avenue will be home to a few local businesses who have joined together to open up temporary retail stores… Read more »

Polishing the Pearl

What is Polishing the Pearl?? “It’s finally here. Street CReD: Polishing the Pearl is happening this weekend on Sixth between Peoria and Quincy. Come out Friday evening at 5 p.m. for the kickoff and Saturday morning starting at 10 a.m. for a lot of food, a lot of fun and a fresh perspective on the… Read more »

Make:Tulsa is getting read for Spring

It’s about that time of year where you can find the lovely ladies of Make:Tulsa popping up at your local craft shows.  You would have seen us last weekend at the ARF Peace, Love and Crafts show at the Tulsa Fair Grounds and you can find many of the Make:Tulsa artisans at the Polishing the… Read more »