Who can join?

Membership is open to those who live in, or regularly visit, Tulsa MSA as well as Eastern Oklahoma/Green Country. Business members must also have an active online presence including, but not limited to, an online store, a website and/or blog, a banner, and logo. Since make:Tulsa Business Members are working to grow their own business, we do look for cohesive branding for new members who will contribute to the professionalism make:Tulsa strives for online and at shows. We are looking for makers who complement what our current makers are doing and work to avoid having too many artists in one area (ex. jewelry, clothing, housewares, pottery, etc), which means once accepted, you do not have worry about having competition from other makers.

What’s in it for me?

make:Tulsa business members are entitled to several perks which include:

  • Logo and site/shop linked from the make:Tulsa membership page
  • Inclusion in the Maker Spotlight which will go out to the make:Tulsa email list and be featured on the make:Tulsa blog
  • Opportunity to contribute to the weekly make:Tulsa blog and monthly newsletter through tutorials, blog entries, sale/promotion announcements, and show promotions. Each entry you make will be listed from you and will link to your site/store.
  • Invitation to set up in official make:Tulsa booths at shows.
  • Tag your etsy items with make:Tulsa so you will have exposure by those searching make:Tulsa.
  • make:Tulsa member promotional materials including signage for your booth/displays.
  • Access to the members’ only Facebook group.
  • Invitation to all make:Tulsa functions (parties, classes, meet ups, etc).
  • Membership web graphic/button for your site (coming soon)
  • Membership flag to hang at your booth at fairs and trade shows (coming soon)

What’s required of a Business Maker?

  • Legit  You must be a professional artist or crafter. We do not mean this has to be your full-time job, but we do expect you to be serious about your business.
  • Represent  Maintain good business reputation. Simple enough. Your work must be high-quality and you must maintain a good reputation with buyers, other makers, store owners, etc; you do not represent only yourself, but all of make:Tulsa.
  • Blog  Each member blogs at least once a year for one week. You can post one blog for the week or one a day and what you blog about is completely up to you (as long as it is relevant), so have fun!
  • Legalize  Accept full responsibility for the legal aspects of your business. make:Tulsa does not, nor does its leadership, accept any responsibility for the legal aspects of your business. While we may have great contacts for you (lawyers, accountants, etc) and have classes on legitimizing you business, we do not accept any responsibility for any aspect of your business.
  • Link  Add make:Tulsa to your blog, website, Facebook, etc., tag your items on Etsy with the make:Tulsa tag, and announce in your Etsy shop that you are a make:Tulsa member.
  • Connect  Log on to the make:Tulsa business member Facebook page at least once a week to keep on top of discussions as well as read, and respond to, group emails as needed. As a Business Member, you’re input is crucial; when there is a discussion or topic, we want to know what you think. We expect all members to be active members.
  • Attend  We do a great deal of planning each month at our meetings (3rd Sunday at 3pm in alternating locations) and it is of utmost importance you attend.  Members are expected to attend 60% of all meetings, and at least one each quarter.
  • Volunteer  We depend on our members to function, so we do require our members to help volunteer their time at classes, events, etc. There will also be donation opportunities when make:Tulsa’s charity committee selects events that we would like to participate; we are all community-minded, and supporting the needs of our community is vital.
  • Dues  We do have annual dues of $25, which are due by the 1st of the month following your acceptance. make:Tulsa does have a checking account and everything is fully transparent. The dues help to offset the cost of promoting make:Tulsa and our events, hosting events within the community, and buying supplies as needed.
  • Participate  We have a lot going on, far too much for any one person to do and we’re all committed to seeing this succeed, so we all pitch in on the make:Tulsa teams.