Dance Like Nobody Is Watching

Music has always been an amazing tool to transport me to another place, help me persevere through challenges, and simply groove in and out of the day to day.  The soundtrack of my life began early with a deep passion for music.  There were no lullabies or sweet bath time songs in my house.  However, there were The Beatles’ “Bungalow Bill” and “Rocky Raccoon” happily sung by my mother while I splish-splashed in the tub.  The usual din of our home was a competition of stereos, with Mom being reprimanded regularly for her stereo exceeding the volume of my own, much smaller stereo.  Like all God-fearing families, we subscribed to a higher power.  Funny…I do not remember Grandma referring to God by his first name, Eric, as in…Clapton.

Music was my first love.  I fell so hopelessly, fueling a life-long romance for all tunes superior.  I have a very discerning palette and can be a bit snobbish musically.  Early, I realized a career in music was not an option—my elementary school band turned me down, citing me as tone deaf.  I recognized my vocal shortcomings when I did not make the elementary choir either.  From then on, I could only listen contently to the waves of song that have filled my life washing over me through the constant changes and inspiring my life’s adventures.

The many concerts attended and bands followed have yielded a wide variety of oddball stories and endless amusement.  These cartoon-like episodes never cease to delight.  Freedom is “just another word for nothing left to lose” and the lessons learned will never be forgotten.  Life is what you make of it.  A good friend once told me that if I did not love what I was doing, to stop doing it.  My inner voice is loud and adamant that there is more to this life.  Life is not black and white; it is tie-dyed!  When the world is bearing down on my shoulders and there seems to be no answers, the best medicine is always a great show, a good dose of rocking out to quell the soul.  The music transcends the communal energy and for a couple hours, rights the world.

Music has never been a fair-weather friend.  Through life’s happiest moments, through life’s most sorrowful moments, it is always there.  The continuing soundtrack plays softly in the background of my memories, highlighting emotions and guiding this lyrical journey.  The wisdom gained has served as a reminder to rock out to my own beat, listen to my soul, and find “that path is for [my] steps alone.”

While building my Okie Crowe business, I have tried to create a very fun product line by way of my unique soundtrack.  By putting my whole heart into my creations, each product is an ode to my colorful adventures and favorite things.  By embracing my wacky reality, I find that life is somehow more amplified than if I muted my song by living someone else’s dream.  Free spirited and unconventional is how I rock and roll.

Life is short.  Step up to the microphone on stage.  Rock out like the star you always hoped to be.  Let your love of life reverberate with the rhythm.  Once you find the beat, “let your lovelight shine” as your “voice comes through the music.”

Grateful Dead “Ripple”


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  1. yonderkat

    couldn’t have put it better, such great advice and very inspiring!

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