Member Spotlight: Peanut & Pistachio

Meet Peanut & Pistachio!

Q~ How did you become a knitter, what drew you to fiber art?

P &P~ I actually crochet. For me, knitting seems too slow. I need fairly quick gratification, so knitting for me, right now is out. Basically, the story of how I got into crochet is that when I had my first daughter my mom came to stay with us for a bit and she taught me the basic stitches. We have always been crafty together in one way or another. Growing up I’d see her crocheting, yet was never super interested. I didn’t pick it up again for at least a year, maybe more, but when I did, you couldn’t really stop me.

Q~ What inspires new designs & collections?

P &P~ To be completely honest, I just come up with chunky yarn ideas and then try them out. I also look for the softest yarns I can find, because I do a lot of products for babies and little kids so I don’t want it to irritate them, and lastly, I pay attention to Pantone’s color predictions for the year or combinations that go well together.

Q~ Who or what has influenced you most as an artist?

P &P~ I’d have to say my mom. We were always working on some sort of craft growing up. ALWAYS. I remember making wreaths, and hot gluing clothes onto stuffed animals, or making pillows and decorating them with puff paint. And we always rearranged furniture.

Q~ Are there any local artists you’re excited about?

P &P~ Hmmm, let’s see. I’d have to say no. Errrrr, yes. There isn’t just one. As lame as this sounds, I’m excited to meet everyone from make:Tulsa, to get the awkwardness over with and find bosom friends. Once that’s over with, I truly am excited to just start meeting kindred creative spirits. (Yes, I love Anne Shirley.)

Q~ What does the handmade movement mean to you?

P &P~ This is tough because I feel like I should have some super cool, eco-friendly, damn-the-man type of answer, but really, for me, and for many people I know, it really is about being able to stay home with my kids, and to help ease the pressure from my husband’s shoulders. It allows me the opportunity to create, to find myself again after having children and being “stuck” inside with them every day. It’s my release. The fact that so many people are involved in so many different ways is AMAZING! I love that we are all kind of getting back to the roots, to simplicity.

Q~ What tool (or material) would you be lost without?

P &P~ Since I crochet, my hooks and yarn, and my sewing machine. I really want to become proficient at using my machine, but that will have to wait.

Q~ A lot of great art has “mistakes” in it—things that the artist did not intend but kept—what

is your favorite mistake?

P &P~ Oh geez! Well, in high school we were working with clay and I made this southern lady, about 10 inches high, maybe 8, huge hoop skirt dress, sunhat, and she was singing. No idea where the idea came from, maybe I’d just finished Gone with the Wind again, but I digress. She turned out nothing like I imagined but I liked her despite that. One big “mistake.”

Q~ On the subject of favorites, do you have any favorite craft books/magazines/blogs?

P &P~ Books: Crafty Superstar by Grace Bobush has been very helpful. I haven’t read it all, but it was one of the first books I bought that made me believe I could do this. Hmmm, I’ve not really gotten into granny squares but, 200 Granny Blocks looks like it has some cute ones and I’d love to make an afghan for our bed.

Mags: Mollie Makes is a new one I like and Make: Craft.

Blogs: I’m blown away by Ana White,, I love Tif’s style from Dottie Angel and, and Sarah, from is absolutely incredible. I have sewers envy.

Q~ Outside of crocheting, what other hobbies or crafts do you indulge in?

P &P~ Raising beautiful girls. Seriously though, I don’t have much extra time at all, ever. My hubby bought me a sewing machine for Christmas two years ago because I really want to make some clothes for the girls and also refashion stuff that doesn’t fit or is too big, yet too cheap to pass up. I love, love to read. I used to paint and draw and really do miss that. I also like hot glue gunning stuff.

Q~ I hear you are opening your own crochet shop. Tell us about it!

P &P~ Well, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to open an Etsy shop at first. I really thought I’d keep it local for a little bit and see how it went. My amazing business coach Meagan from, explained it to me more, we talked pros and cons and in the end I thought it was something I should definitely try. As of right now it’s out of my home and just a one-woman show. I love the look and feel of chunky yarns, so right now that is more of a focus for me. I’m beginning with a Little’s line to get my toes wet, but everything I create can definitely be ordered for a teen or adult, so if you see something you like, just ask. I was hoping to have it opened sooner than this but sick kiddos and life interruptions have slowed me down just a tad.

This interviewer can’t wait for Peanut & Pistachio’s shop to open!

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  1. Christine Sharp-Crowe

    I’m so excited to have Jessica as one of our new make:Tulsa members! I think you’re going to be a great addition to the group! And goodness, lovely photos. :)

  2. Jess

    Thank you guys so much. I’m really excited to get to know everyone better. Here’s to a fun and profitable rest of the year.

  3. Leslie Warner

    I love your styles. How can I purchase some items? Your daughters are beautiful just like their momma! :).

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