5 Valentine’s Day Card DIYS

The best part of Valentine’s Day is cards—and the more the handmade they look, the better. Here are a few valentine DIYS that are both easy to make, environmentally friendly (since most of them upcycle items lying around your house), and most importantly—for those of you who forget about Valentine’s Day or wait till the last minute—you can quickly make any of these valentines from things around your house!

As always, Happy Crafting!

Punch Drunk Love Valentine

Materials & Tools:

hole punch

book page (or paper of your choice)

colored ribbon





1)      Draw dots onto your book page/paper in the shape of a heart using pencil. (I have used marker so that the dots are more visible).

2)      Next, punch holes on top of each of the dots.

3)      Measure your ribbon and cut. Leave yourself enough room to weave the ribbon through your holes and enough at the end of your heart to tie a bow.

4)      Thread your ribbon through the holes you punched. When you thread your ribbon through the first hole be sure to leave excess ribbon to tie the bow.

5)      When you’ve finished threading your ribbon through the holes—tie the ends in a bow. Be careful not to tear your paper when tying the bow. Trim the ends of the ribbon to your desired length.

6)      Cut out your heart. Leave at least ½ inch border.

7)      Inscribe to your valentine!

Scrap Fabric Valentine

Materials & Tools:

book page/paper; needle & thread; scissors; fabric scrap


1)      Cut a heart shape out of your fabric scrap. (Or several tiny hearts if you wish).

2)      Next, place the fabric heart on your book page/paper. Sew it in place with your needle & thread using a running stitch. Be careful not to pull your thread too hard or you’ll tear the paper.

3)      Cut your fabric heart out of the book page. Leave at least a ¼ inch border.

4)      Inscribe with love! You could be extra-fancy and sew a message with embroidery thread. (And yes, Archie Andrews [AA] loves Betty Cooper [BC])!

Found Poem Valentine

Materials & Tools:

book page; light colored marker or highlighter (preferably pink or red); scissors; ruler and pencil; pen


1)      Read your book page and locate words that describe how you feel about your valentine.

2)      Using your light colored marker, highlight the words that tell your valentine how you feel.

3)      Once you are done highlighting, trim the rough edge of your book using a ruler, pencil, and scissors. Inscribe if you wish. Mine says: Juliet–love, lips sought, breathless minute that seemed to him the most perfect of his life. grey mist prismatic, love, heaven and earth. embrace, togetherness, More than lumps of flesh and bone. I profess to love you, beloved, my heart and love, my dearest –James. Not bad for a novel titled The Doctor and the Dragon, all about a colonial war. If you want a steamier valentine, I’d recommend a romance novel! Great vocabulary to choose from there!

4)      Hide your found poem in your valentine’s current book or their morning newspaper for them to happen upon!


Spell It Out! Valentine

Materials & Tools:

glue; scissors; marker; book page; plain note card; Scrabble tiles (to spell out a message or word of your choice)


1)      Glue your Scrabble tiles to your book page. Then let dry.

2)      Once dry, cut around the edge of your Scrabble tiles. To ensure that each tile has an even border it is easiest to glue the tiles parallel to the book’s printed text. That way, you can cut a border of “1 line of text” or “2 lines of text” all the way around.

3)      Then glue your tiles to the notecard and let dry.

4)      Embellish if you desire, by drawing hearts around your Scrabble tiles using your marker.

5)      Inscribe to your valentine!

Buttons & Bakers Twine Valentine

Materials & Tools:

book page; scissors; needle & thread; hole punch; bakers twine; buttons; scrap of lace; pencil; marker; glue


1)      Draw two hearts on your book page, one large and one small. Using your marker, color in the small heart and then cut out both hearts.

2)      Arrange the small heart, buttons, and lace on your large heart. Once you have everything place as you would like it, you can begin sewing on your buttons. For the small heart & button—I punched two holes correspondent to the button holes of the button I wanted  to layer on top of the small paper heart. Then I hole punched the small & large paper hearts. Next I cut a length of bakers twine and then tied the button to the large and small paper hearts. When you have successfully made your bow, cut off any excess twine.

3)      Next, sew on the rest of your buttons and your lace using needle & thread. Be sure to go through the small holes you initially make so that you won’t tear the paper.

4)      (Optional) To cover up unsightly stitches, you can arrange bakers twine over them and glue it in place, trimming off excess twine at the ends.

5)      Last, but certainly not least, inscribe to your valentine!

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  1. Jess

    I think I love the book page and the scrabble tile cards the best. Definitely gave me some ideas for Valentines from my girls to the grandparents. Thanks.

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